All modern businesses depend on software. Software has many moving parts that can feel intimidating and stand in the way of a business achieving its full potential. My mission is to unlock the potential.

My experiences from a wide selection of industries allow me to quickly get hands-on in a new environment and provide insights and actions to achieve improvements.

By leveraging the correct tools and techniques I can help foster a highly productive developer culture that will boost any business toward its goals.

Hard skills.

I bring expert knowledge on how to design, implement and maintain a flexible and scalable software solutions on a budget. It can be either a brand new idea or an evolution that needs restructuring.

I prefer to be hands-on and get involved in the codebase from day one.

This means for instance establishing good code quality, ensuring the necessary validation mechanisms are in place and that repetitive tasks such as build and deployment are automated.

Soft skills.

Today, people are the most expensive component of software development. By optimizing team communication and productivity it is possible to achieve huge financial gains as it becomes possible to deliver the right thing more frequently and with higher quality.

I coach teams and individuals to improve their game and happiness in a highly collaborative environment.

— Simon