I am an entrepreneur and software developer with over 15 years of professional experience, and a focus on generating high value at all time. I believe that creating great software is primarily a social endeavor requiring both clear communication and good technical abilities. I take great pride in my work as a software craftsman and constantly strives to improve my skill.

I enjoy all aspects of software development, from the agility needed when deciding what to do next, to writing clear and concise code, to testing what you need in order to be confident, to integrate continuously and deploy without hassle – all while managing a steady stream of changes that constitutes the real world.

Having worked as a consultant for a number of firms I’ve gained business experience from an array of industries such as insurance, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, government, tourism and media.

I’ve been lucky to stumble across a wide range of experiences that I can draw upon when tackling problems. From network based API’s for the IBM OS/400, to web-based handheld warehouse packing slip systems, to enterprise integration systems in Java and Cobol, to build automation tools in Python, to cloud-based API solutions in Ruby/Grape, to responsive design e-commerce websites, to apps on the iPhone, and many more along the way. I bring a broad perspective and experience to the projects I’m a part of.

As I’ve moved between industries I’m very comfortable with new terminology, programming languages, technologies and techniques. Although, If I were to select three areas somewhat closer to my heart right now – it would be Ruby and iOS development, and finally lean business development.

I live and work in Östersund where I spend my free time with my family, hitting the slopes or with my running shoes on (yes especially in the winter!).

Over to you

Who are you and what makes you excited and want to get up in the morning? Ping me at @simonnordberg. Have a great day!