• Creating New Habits by Stacking and Celebrating Easy Wins

    I have never enjoyed habits. Even though I picture myself to be methodical in most aspects of life, habits and rituals have never appealed to me. On the flip-side, self-introspection and self-improvement do.

  • Shiny new toys

    Hey, did you know that it takes an awful long time to get good at something? The precise number of hours can and have been heavily debated so I will not go further down that rabbit hole.

  • Testing Stripe Webhooks against your development environment using a reverse SSH tunnel

    Integrating Stripe payments is generally a pleasant experience. Depending on your programming language of choice, you are sure to find API Libraries that will work for you.

  • Simple Rails CDN delivery with AWS CloudFront

    In order to have our application deliver a superb experience to the user every single time, speed is important. There are many areas to consider when it comes to speed and performance. One of these, which provide a quick and effective way to increase the perceived page load time is to use a Content Delivery Network (CDN).

  • Creating robust email templates in Action Mailer

    Creating and maintaining email templates that will produce consistent results across email clients is hard. Not only should the content be compelling, the email should also be pleasant to read. This can mean many different things of course, but the thing I will focus on in this post is the technical challenges involved in creating a proper HTML (and plain text) email with inline CSS and images.

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